Thanks for checking out my website!

I just graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. I studied computer science, mathematics, and business analytics. Currently, I'm a software engineer at Airbnb.

I love anything related to data - large-scale analytics, data engineering, and applied machine learning. For fun, I frequently find myself dreaming about surmounting the world's most difficult outdoor adventures. Check out my Instagram @allencoke for some of the landscape photography I do!


Course materials for Full Stack Web Development w/ Node.js. I was the head lecturer for this student-taught class at UMD for the Spring 2018 semester.
Mobile application that integrates with university dining hall systems to curate personalized meal plans based on students' dietary targets and restrictions.

Underground Room Swap
Website to facilitate university dormitory room swaps by connecting people willing to exchange money and other services, complementing the university's official room swap service. Winner of the Housing Category of HackUMBC's Innovate Good 2017.
A graphical analysis technique using the shared filesystem to compare the collaborative behaviors of company employees with the groups that they actually belong to.

Square Up
A reimagination of the University of Maryland's Computer Science Undergraduate event registration system. Complete with interactive calendar and quality-of-life integrations. 2nd place at the University of Maryland's Daemon Dash hackathon.

A web application game. The first player receives a proverb-like English sentence, and each subsequent player translates the message into a series of emoticons or back into plain English. Created at Bitcamp 2016.